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Fibroscan is an innovative, painless and non-invasive method for evaluating changes in the liver.

This simple ten minute test will spot any potential liver damage or disease, ending any unwarranted concern your lifestyle may have impacted on your health.

In the early stages of liver disease, symptoms are almost non-existent and conventional ultrasounds are poor at confirming any damage. Fibroscan offers a risk free and highly accurate alternative - scanning the stiffness of your liver - instantly pinpointing any problems.

If you do have early changes within your liver, treatment can be tailored to your need.

A major risk factor to liver disease is unhealthy lifestyle especially excess alcohol consumption, increased weight, diabetes and blood pressure.

Your liver is tough. It can withstand years of damage by repairing itself and protecting the rest of your body. However, the liver is unable to signal real distress until it is in the end stages of liver failure, so that by the time you feel any symptoms of liver problems, the damage may be done.

If you feel that your lifestyle has taken its toll on your liver, this simple and risk free test is the answer!


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